Uncover the Beauty of Georgia – A Guide to the Perfect Trip

September 25, 2023

I’ll always remember getting off the plane in Georgia for the first time and breathing in the cool, fresh air. And to think, I still didn’t know all that was waiting for me in this beautiful country. It wasn’t long, though, before I was exposed to Georgian warmth, and their amazing hospitality, and fell deeply in love with this country. From the bustling streets of Tbilisi to the enchanting little villages – Georgia is a country full of magic.

One of the things I love most about Georgia is that the rich culture is reflected in everything – from its architecture to the cuisine. Everywhere you look, there’s a reminder of what this country went through, from the ancient churches perched on hills to the crumbling buildings from the Soviet Union.

But it’s not just history and culture that make Georgia such a unique destination. The natural beauty of the country is truly breathtaking, from the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains to the stunning vineyards and rambling green valleys. And the food! Oh, the food. Georgian cuisine is unlike anything else in the world, with its combination of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors and an emphasis on fresh ingredients.

As a tour guide, I have had the privilege of exploring every corner of this amazing country, from the bustling capital of Tbilisi to the remote mountain villages where time seems to stand still. And everywhere I go, I am amazed by the kindness of the Georgian people.

So, whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or simply a chance to get swept up in a rich and vibrant culture, I’ve prepared a guide for you with everything you need to know about Georgia. Let’s get started!

An ancient castle in Georgia with sea and mountain views

When is the best time to visit Georgia?

Georgia is beautiful and full of things to see all year round, so when to get there depends a lot on what you want to see and experience in the country. The Black Sea on the west coast contributes a lot to the humidity that prevails in the country, as a whole – in the west, it is warmer with rainfall, while in the east Georgia will be colder and drier.

Georgia’s main tourist season leans towards July and August, and while Tbilisi sees average temperatures of 30-35 degrees, the rest of the country will be cooler and more pleasant. Black Sea resort towns are perfect for exploring this time of year, while the mountains are pleasant for hiking and camping.

To avoid the peak tourist season and still gain some sunny summer days, I recommend trying to go in June or September, when the weather is a bit cooler but overall still warm and green.

In autumn, Georgia is decorated in incredible fall colors. If traveling in late September or October, be prepared for rainy weather and frequent temperature changes.

Winter here falls between November and March and is characterized by cold weather and sometimes snow. The exception is Tbilisi, which sees significantly less snowfall than the rest of the country. Ski and snowboard enthusiasts will find Georgia a perfect destination, but even non-athletic tourists will appreciate the enchanting landscape painted in white.

An ancient Georgian castle against a mountain background

Do I need a visa to Georgia?

Georgia allows visa-free entry, with an automatic one-year residence permit for citizens of more than 90 countries. This is another reason to come and spend a vacation here (and to stay as long as possible!).

What to do in Georgia? Recommended attractions

So, here are the best things you can do in Georgia:

1. Explore Tbilisi’s Old Town

For most travelers, Georgia’s capital Tbilisi will be the first stop in the country. And with so many amazing things to do in Tbilisi, you can even spend your entire Georgian vacation in this amazing city.

The highlight of any visit to Tbilisi is wandering around the Old City. While strolling along, you’ll pass impressive churches, monuments, and ancient buildings. If you pass the bridge to the other side of the Kura River you will find stunning modern architecture, creating an interesting contrast with the old town. The best way to get into Tbilisi’s old town is to join a free walking tour that leaves regularly – so you won’t miss anything. Your body is likely going to ache from this walk, but the good news: you can soak in the nearby hot springs to recuperate.

A Georgian castle against a blue lake

2. Participate in a Traditional Supra

Supra is a traditional Georgian feast. This is your chance to savor the amazing Georgian cuisine, with insane amounts of food, and house wine poured until late. It’s an experience I really don’t recommend anyone to miss.

When locals participate in Supra, it usually comes by word of mouth from friends, so yes it’s a bit difficult if you don’t speak Georgian and are there for only a short time. However, you can always connect with a local Facebook group and mention your interest.

3. Taste Georgian Wine

It may come as a surprise, but Georgian wine is amazing, and locals often make it at home. Georgian wine is slowly beginning to spread to other parts of the world, and for good reason: the temperate conditions in Georgia’s Kakheti province, combined with centuries of experience of local farmers, create an unforgettable taste. Kakheti wine region is basically the “Napa Valley of Georgia”, and going on a vineyard tour is a must when you’re there. You can easily do this by taking a day tour from Tbilisi to Kakheti.

Ancient Rome at sunset, buildings in the background

4. Visit Svaneti, “Land of the Middle Ages”

One of the most magical places on earth is found somewhere high in the Caucasus mountains of Georgia. Svaneti province is packed with hundreds of ancient watchtowers, which for years helped locals keep out the invaders.

Mostly accessible via one long and winding road, Svaneti has recently become one of Georgia’s most popular attractions.

5. Trek in the Caucasus Mountains

Trekking in the Caucasus mountains is a unique experience that I recommend anyone to do. With soaring mountain peaks, green-painted farmland, and forests rich in unique vegetation, Georgia is a perfect destination for trekking lovers. One of the most popular routes is the trek from Mestia to Ushguli, although there are dozens of special routes to choose from throughout the state of Georgia.

6. Eat Khachapuri

Throughout all my travels, there’s one food that reigns supreme in my heart – khachapuri! It’s just legendary, and you have to try it for yourself to understand. Luckily, this delicacy is available in almost every local restaurant, making it easy to try.

A view of Rome at sunset with the Vatican in the background

7. Take a Trip to Gargathi Trinity Church

Somewhere high in the mountains, in the Kazbegi region, the church of Gargathi Trinity is found. You’ve probably already seen a picture of it – because when looking for Georgia, this church will usually be the first to appear. It is possible to visit the church as part of a day trip from Tbilisi, but I highly recommend spending a night in the nearby town of Stefanzminda. Then, wake up early for a steep and challenging climb, but one that is totally worth it.

8. Head to Ananuri Castle

Ananuri Castle is an impressive piece of ancient architecture made even more fascinating by the stunning Argway River that lies just behind it. Located just 90 minutes or so north of Tbilisi, a visit to Ananori is a really easy day trip that you don’t want to miss.

Ancient Rome building

9. Gargi Cave Tour

In the southeast of the state of Georgia, near the border with Azerbaijan, lies the complex of the David Garji Monastery. The complex includes hundreds of residences, churches, chapels, and more. There is also a hill you can hike, giving you a spectacular vantage point of the breathtaking scenery. You can visit the David Gargi complex as part of a day trip from Tbilisi.

10. Relax on the Beach in Batumi

The best thing to do in Georgia during the summer is obvious: breathe deeply and relax. And, the ideal place to do that? On the beach in Batumi! The resort town of Batumi on the Black Sea feels like it belongs to a completely different country, and you will quickly notice that the modern architecture is more reminiscent of Singapore or Dubai. But, despite all its modern façade, Batumi is still a unique Georgian

A small Georgian village against a background of green mountain landscapes


Is Georgia a safe country?

Georgia is generally a very safe country for travel. Despite the conflict with Russia in 2008, most of the country is completely safe for travel.

How much does a vacation in Georgia cost?

Georgia is a very cheap country. The exact costs will depend on your travel style, but overall the costs are similar or even more affordable than most Eastern European destinations.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide to Georgia has inspired you to plan your next trip to this breathtaking country! 

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