Traveling to Guatemala From Canada: Tips for Modern Travel

February 26, 2024

As I took my window seat on the plane departing Toronto, I gazed out at the tarmac buzzing with activity in the early morning light. I was filled with eager anticipation for the trip ahead. I had been dreaming of visiting Guatemala for years and now it was finally happening! 

I always get a rush of excitement when traveling to a new country, but this time an extra thrill of optimism accompanied it. You see, this was my first international trip using an eSIM data plan, and I just knew it was going to make travel smoother. As a freelance writer constantly hopping between remote accommodations and coffee shops to work, having constant access to connectivity abroad is essential.

In the past, I’d waste precious hours of my first day tracking down a local SIM card or getting fleeced by brutal international roaming rates from my Canadian provider. But thanks to my eSIMple eSIM, as soon as I landed in Guatemala City I’d have an affordable, reliable mobile data connection ready to go…

Getting an eSIM Before My Trip  

As my departure date approached, the groundwork for an efficient adventure was coming together. The eSIM setup process was quick and straightforward using the eSIMple app. Within minutes, I had purchased their Guatemala data plan and configured my iPhone settings correctly according to their clear instructions. 

I chose to install my eSIMple eSIM a few days before takeoff. This allowed me to test that the data was working properly in Canada first. I wanted to eliminate any user error on my end upon arrival. I did a few speed checks and made some internet calls which were all successful. With my Guatemala phone number active, I knew I just had to toggle cellular data upon landing to connect to blazing fast networks they boast reach 97% of the popular tourist regions.

The eSIMple app also made it simple to set up my payment method in advance. By having my credit card pre-registered, I have the ability to effortlessly top-up my high speed data mid-trip if needed right from their app. This brings so much flexibility compared to physical SIM cards. No more hunting for obscure reload kiosks or carrying around excessive amounts of cash to buy data I may not end up using. 

With all the logistics handled ahead of time, I could practically hear the steam blowing as my travel hype train left the station…next stop – Guatemala!

Arriving in Guatemala

As I stepped off the plane into the jet bridge at the La Aurora International Airport, I took a deep breath and turned on cellular data on my iPhone. Within seconds I smiled seeing those magical words “eSIMple – Connected”. My eSIM sprang to life quicker than I could blink. 

I opened Google Maps to navigate to the pick-up area and booked an airport transfer to my AirBnb in no time at all. As we started the 45 minute drive into stunning Guatemala City, I watched out the window with delight as the sights and sounds enveloped me. 

My first day could have gone much differently. Without home-country data, I may have found myself wandering lost, unable to access maps or translation tools. Desperately trying to explain my accommodation details to a non-English speaking taxi driver with charades would not have been an ideal welcome! Nor would getting ripped off paying outrageous fares or fees for any local sim card they hawked me.

But thanks to the foresight of getting set up with eSIMple in Canada, connectivity was smooth right off the bat. The convenience this provided was invaluable. Within my first hours in Guatemala, the eSIM had already elevated my experience. As the car climbed into the lush hills dotted with candy-colored architecture, I knew this would be a special trip to remember.

Traveling Around Guatemala

Over the next two weeks, my eSIMple eSIM proved invaluable as I adventured around incredible Guatemala. I explored mystical ruins tucked into steamy jungles, breathtaking volcanoes, and charming historic cities. 

In small towns like Panajachel along Lake Atitlan, I was amazed that I still had solid LTE service to access maps and local tips. Previous trips had taught me that finding reliable connectivity can be challenging when getting off the beaten track. But whether hiking to remote waterfalls or wandering the local markets of Antigua, I stayed conveniently connected.

One evening, disaster struck back at my hotel. The WiFi router had apparently died without warning. I urgently needed to send some work documents and couldn’t afford delays. Having my Guatemalan eSIM meant I could instantly enable a personal hotspot to wirelessly tether my laptop. I successfully submitted the work on time, thanks to the backup connectivity in my pocket. 

When I received a notification halfway through my Guatemalan adventure that I was running low on remaining high-speed data, I effortlessly topped up my plan directly through the eSIMple app. Within moments my 4G LTE speeds were restored rather than needing to track down and fumble with buying more data via a physical SIM card somewhere in the city. 

The flexibility and convenience provided was exactly what I had hoped for when getting an eSIM before departure. By removing hassles and barriers when traveling, it allowed me to focus on creating magical moments exploring Guatemala’s awe-inspiring landscapes and immersing into vibrant local culture.

eSIM Benefits Over Local SIM Cards

As I reflected back on my trip after returning home, the benefits of using an eSIM over relying on local SIM cards became crystal clear. Beyond the convenience of setup before departure and not needing to track down stores selling SIM cards, there were a few key advantages that really stood out:

1. Avoiding Roaming Charges

Had I not purchased my Guatemalan eSIM, I would have had two options for connectivity. One, get gouged by outrageous roaming fees from my Canadian phone carrier. We’re talking $12 PER MB of data. Just loading Google Maps one time could cost over $100! Even with alleged “travel packages”, prices remain absurdly expensive.

The other route would be buying local SIMs as I entered each new country. But that leads to…

2. No Need to Keep Switching SIM Cards

Guatemala was the first stop of a longer Central America itinerary. Had I relied on local SIM cards, it would have meant obtaining a new SIM every time I crossed a border. What a hassle it would have been to keep switching them out, ensuring proper setup, and protecting the delicate little chips of plastic. 

When I crossed into Belize by land, my eSIM seamlessly transferred coverage thanks to eSIMple’s Central America plan. No need to hassle with finding stores, choosing data amounts, submitting documentation, and reconfiguring phone settings each time.

3. Easy Payments & Data Top-Ups

Paying through the eSIMple app via my registered credit card details meant I avoided fussing with foreign currency or obscure payment kiosks when I needed to add more data mid-trip. No exaggeration – it took less than 60 seconds to restore my high speed balance anytime it ran low!

Taking all the factors together – avoiding roaming overages, skipping endless SIM card switches, and enabling effortless payments – I can safely say using the eSIM radically enhanced my trip through Guatemala and beyond!

Key Takeaways for Modern Travel

After using an eSIM for the first time on my trip, I realized how essential constant connectivity has become for travelers in today’s digitally dominated world. Beyond just the convenience perks, having reliable mobile internet unlocks safety, savings, and efficiency.  

Necessity of Constant Connectivity  

As a solo female traveler, I felt more secure navigating independently knowing I could access maps and emergency services if needed. Had I lacked data, even transit apps or last minute accommodation bookings would have been tricky. I can’t imagine trying to travel without connectivity anymore!

Streamlining Travel by Setting Up in Advance  

Preparing my eSIM in Canada before departure allowed me to breeze through the airport and hit the ground running in Guatemala. By handling the setup logistics ahead of time, I avoided wasting those precious first vacation hours stressed about finding connectivity.

Reliable Coverage Surpassing Expectations

I was thoroughly impressed that I stayed conveniently connected even while scaling volcanoes and exploring remote villages. The performance showed me eSIMs can offer coverage comparable to local SIM cards.

Affordability Compared to the Alternatives

Ultimately, using an eSIM over relying on roaming or endless local SIMs saved me money in the long run. The value for cost was outstanding, especially when factoring the flexibility to add more high speed data anytime.


As I dragged my suitcase back into my Toronto apartment, I felt glowing satisfaction about the journey I had just taken. Exploring the captivating country of Guatemala had exceeded every expectation. Yet I knew a major factor that contributed to such an epic experience was using the eSIMple eSIM.

Having instant connectivity upon arrival and reliable mobile data everywhere I ventured gave me freedom and confidence. Not worrying about finding pocket wifi rentals, strong arming taxi drivers to use their personal hotspots, or sitting in parks to latch onto sketchy public WiFi is seriously underrated. 

As I reminisce on the trip now and relive moments like watching a fiery sunset over Lake Atitlán or wandering the streets of rainbow-colored Antigua, I know for certain I’ll never leave the country again without an eSIM. The piece of mind it brings lifts the travel experience to new heights.

So if you have an upcoming international adventure, do yourself a favor and set up an eSIM before departure. Take it from me that having access to data everywhere makes all the difference! Your future jet-setting self will thank you.

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