Travel to Malta in December: Tips for Modern Travel

November 21, 2023

Planning your escape from the winter blues? You’re not alone! While most people flood to tropical destinations, we have a more off-beat idea for you. How about visiting Malta in December? Offering vibrant culture and rich history, Malta is beautiful year-round, but during the off season you can bet on fewer crowds and plenty of sunshine. 

If you’re looking for more reasons to visit Malta during December, read on!

The Top 5 Reasons to Visit Malta In December

The Sunshine Surprise: While many places around the world are cocooned under a blanket of snow, Malta blissfully basks in mild winter sunshine. Imagine leisurely exploring the archipelago with an average of 5-6 hours of sunshine daily! It’s the escape we all need from those endless grey skies, don’t you think?

A Crisp Climate: Forget the numbing cold that penetrates to the bones. In Malta, we’re talking about a sweet 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) on most days. Sure, there’s a chill in the air — it’s winter, after all — but it’s the kind that invites you for a walk along the beach, not one that sends you scurrying indoors.

Perfectly Festive Vibes: In December, Malta is buzzing with heartwarming holiday spirit. The islands are decked out in twinkling lights and sprinkled with beautiful Christmas markets.

Quieter Crowds: Here’s the truth – traveling is way more fun when you’re not elbowing your way through crowds. And, December happens to be that golden time in Malta when the summer rush is just a memory. It’s like having the islands almost to yourself!

Pocket-Friendly Prices: Traveling in December is like finding a hidden discount aisle. From flights to fancy meals, everything comes with a friendlier price tag. 

Christmas Vacation to Malta: My Travel Experience

visiting malta in december historic buildings

I spent the holidays in Malta. Even if I was far away from home, my eSIM kept me seamlessly connected, ensuring my holiday cheer stayed bright and lively. I highly recommend Esimple’s mobile plans for travelers seeking a reliable and effortless online experience.”

December in Malta offers more than just an escape from the biting cold. This island thrums with history, vibrates with culture, and hums with nature’s melodies. While most are unpacking their winter gear, here I was, camera in hand, ready to swap snow for sunshine.

And so, with my backpack slung over my shoulder, my Maltese adventure began. From the fortified walls of Valletta to the serene beaches of Comino, every moment promised a story.

If you’re ready to embark on this journey with me, lace up those travel shoes and adjust your sunhat. We’re about to dive deep into Malta’s treasures, one story at a time!

Weathered Wonders: Malta’s December Charm

While friends back home were huddled around fireplaces, here I was, strolling by the sea with the warm sun kissing my face. The balmy air, the gentle rustle of palm leaves, and the distant chatter of locals enjoying their mid-day break — it was a sensory delight.

But more than just the physical warmth, it’s the warmth of the season, the festive spirit that truly sets Malta apart in December. Streets adorned with shimmering lights, balconies decked out with festive decor, and the unmistakable scent of traditional Maltese Christmas treats wafting from local bakeries. And the best part? The slimmer crowds. There’s something truly magical about experiencing a place without the usual tourist bustle.

Q&A: Enjoying December in Malta

Q: What’s the average temperature in Malta during December?

A: Malta enjoys a mild winter with average temperatures hovering around 15°C (59°F). So, while it’s not exactly beach weather, it’s pleasant enough for all those outdoor adventures!

Q: Can I expect a lot of rain?

A: Malta has occasional rain in December, but it’s nothing too drastic. However, it’s always a good idea to pack a light rain jacket or an umbrella.

Q: Are there any special events or festivities in December?

A: Absolutely! Malta embraces the festive spirit wholeheartedly. From Christmas markets in Valletta to festive events across the island, there’s always something happening. And New Year’s Eve? Let’s just say, Malta knows how to throw a party!

Q: Is it a good time for photography?

A: A resounding yes! With softer sunlight, fewer crowds, and the festive decor, it’s a photographer’s dream. Plus, the sunsets are absolutely mesmerizing.

Echoes from the Past: A Deep Dive into Malta’s History

As a traveler, Malta offered a beautiful blend of sunlit beaches and historical treasures. Here are a few historical sites that should be added to every Malta itinerary:

Valletta’s Vestiges: The Legacy of the Knights of St. John

The first time I set foot in Valletta, it was like stepping into a living museum. The capital city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, exudes an aura of times long gone. As I roamed its streets, the legacy of the Knights of St. John surrounded me. The Grand Master’s Palace, the majestic St. John’s Co-Cathedral, and the mighty fortifications are a testament to their grandeur. These landmarks, interspersed with quaint cafes and bustling squares, create a juxtaposition of the old and new, the historical and contemporary.

Mdina’s Mystique: Time Travel in the “Silent City”

Leaving behind the buzz of Valletta, I ventured to Mdina. Known as the “Silent City”, Mdina is a place where time seems to pause. The city’s narrow streets, framed by medieval and baroque architecture, told tales of royalty, knights, and intrigue. With every turn, I encountered palazzos, chapels, and bastions that stood as silent witnesses to Malta’s rich past. It’s no wonder that many a film and series, enchanted by Mdina’s allure, have chosen it as their backdrop.

Monoliths and Mysteries: Marveling at the Megalithic Temples

But it wasn’t just the cities that held historical wonders. On a sunny morning, I found myself amidst the megalithic temples of Malta. These stone structures, older than the Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge, are a marvel of ancient architecture. As I touched the weathered stones of Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra, I felt a deep connection to the island’s prehistoric inhabitants.

Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra temples malta

Nature’s Palette: Malta’s Natural Beauty and Island Adventures

Aside from being a haven of historical wonders, Malta is also a nature-lover’s paradise. Each island offers a unique blend of landscapes, from sun-kissed beaches to dramatic cliffs.

Azure Adventures at the Blue Lagoon

If there’s one place that captures the essence of Malta’s natural beauty, it’s the Blue Lagoon on Comino Island. The crystal-clear turquoise waters are so vibrant, they almost seem unreal. A dip in these waters, and I promise, all your worldly worries just melt away. It’s nature’s very own spa!

Glorious Gozo: More Than Just a Sister Island

Then there’s Gozo. Often regarded as Malta’s quieter sibling, Gozo is a treasure trove of nature’s wonders. From the iconic Azure Window’s remnants to the serene Ramla Bay, Gozo offers a more laid-back, rustic charm. And for those with an adventurous spirit, the island is dotted with diving spots that are a gateway to another world beneath the waves.

How to Truly Experience Malta’s Natural Wonders

To make the most of Malta’s natural beauty, here are a few tips:

1. Early Bird Gets the View: 

Start your day early. Whether it’s catching the sunrise at Dingli Cliffs or beating the crowds at the Blue Lagoon, the early hours offer a serene and undisturbed experience.

the Blue Lagoon in Comino

2. Pack Smart: 

Malta’s terrains can be varied. It’s a good idea to bring comfortable shoes for cliffside walks, swimwear for impromptu beach stops, a rainjacket in case you catch some drops, and, of course, plenty of sunscreen!

3. Rent a Boat: 

While there are many organized boat tours, renting your own boat (even if it’s just a small dinghy) gives you the freedom to explore hidden coves and secluded beaches at your own pace.

4. Stay Hydrated: 

The Mediterranean sun, while lovely, can be intense. Carry a reusable water bottle. It’s eco-friendly and ensures you stay refreshed.

5. Capture the Moments: 

Whether it’s a DSLR, a smartphone, or just your memories, make sure to capture the beauty around. Although, no picture can truly do justice to the feeling of being there.

6. Respect Nature: 

It’s a privilege to witness such beauty. Let’s keep it pristine for future generations. Avoid littering, be mindful of the natural world, and stick to marked paths.

Savor and Celebrate: Living the Maltese Way

Beyond its natural wonders and historic tales, it’s the Maltese way of life that truly captivates. Embracing this Mediterranean gem’s spirit means diving into its vibrant streets, savoring its culinary delights, and immersing oneself in its rich traditions.

Finding a Home Away from Home

From the upscale resorts of St. Julian’s to the rustic charm of Gozitan farmhouses, Malta offers a plethora of accommodation choices. My favorite? The boutique hotels nestled within Valletta’s historic walls. Waking up to the sounds of church bells, sipping coffee on a baroque balcony, and watching the world go by is an experience that’s quintessentially Maltese.

A Culinary Odyssey

Maltese cuisine is a delightful fusion of Mediterranean flavors, with influences from Italy, North Africa, and the Middle East. From the savory pastizzi to the hearty rabbit stew, every dish tells a story. And paired with a local wine, under the starlit sky? Perfection!

malta pastizzi

Festas, Feasts, and Fireworks

Malta loves to celebrate. Almost every week, there’s a village festa or a religious feast, complete with colorful processions, music, and, of course, fireworks. These events are not just spectacles; they’re a deep dive into Malta’s soul, its traditions, and its community spirit.

The eSIM Advantage: Seamless Connectivity

Navigating this Mediterranean marvel and soaking up all its experiences would have been a challenge without one tiny tech marvel: my eSIM. With instant connectivity from the moment I landed at Malta International Airport, I was always just a click away from finding the best local eateries, mapping my next destination, or sharing a picturesque sunset with my followers. No more hunting for local SIM cards or grappling with connectivity issues. 

My eSIM ensured a seamless digital experience, complementing my physical journey. It was like having a knowledgeable local guide, always at my fingertips, making my Maltese adventure smooth and memorable.

See You Later, Malta

Malta, with its blend of history, nature, and culture, was more than just a winter destination. It was a journey of discovery, of connections, of heartwarming moments, and of countless memories. And as I boarded my flight back, I knew one thing for sure: I’d left a piece of my heart in Malta, and I’d be back someday.

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