The Best Honeymoon Destinations of 2024

September 25, 2023

The big day has arrived. You promised your vows, kissed, danced, drank, smiled and probably cried a million tears of happiness. And now, it’s finally just the two of you, with suitcases in hand and ready to travel to the most romantic destination. But where to, and which destinations are the top choices for a honeymoon in 2023?

After the stress of wedding planning, most couples want to simply relax and enjoy each other’s company. This year, in 2023, Greece and Italy are among the most popular honeymoon destinations, but Mexico and the Caribbean islands are also among the top choices.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable honeymoon experience, here are our top picks for the most exotic and romantic corners of the world, from dreamy Santorini to royal Mauritius. Whether you’re looking for a crazy adventure to boost your adrenaline or a sleepy resort to hang by the pool, we have a destination here for every lovebird. So, let’s get traveling!

Best Honeymoon Destinations of 2023

Palawan, Philippines

The Philippines is undoubtedly one of the most amazing countries in the world and sets a new standard for honeymoons. Palawan is a true paradise, and it is the perfect destination for any adventurous couple who loves swimming in the ocean, exploring hidden beaches, and enjoying water sports.

With the Phillippines, there is no shortage of variety. In fact, you can choose from any of the 7,000 islands to visit! Most travelers rave about the island of Palawan, especially because of the locals with their warm hospitality, the culture with its joyful festivals, and of course, the white-sand beaches that are simply breathtaking. Plus, if you are a foodie, you will not be disappointed. The cuisine there is an amazing melting pot of international flavors.

Best Time to Travel to Palawan

The ideal time to visit is between February and March.

Palawan, Philippines

Amalfi Coast, Italy

After far too many months of salads and green juices to get in shape for the wedding, that’s it! Now you can enjoy pasta every day, all day long! A honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast offers an unforgettable experience of picturesque beaches and fascinating port towns. Although a bit touristy, this place still manages to hold its magic. 

Best Time to Travel to the Amalfi Coast

It is recommended to avoid the peak season in July and August, as this is when it is most crowded. We recommend planning your Amalfi Coast trip for spring or early fall.

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Amalfi Coast, Italy

Tahiti, French Polynesia

This picturesque island in the South Pacific is the perfect honeymoon destination. The local culture boasts a French touch (with amazing local bakeries!), while still maintaining that beachy feel. Although this paradise is not cheap, it is still among our top destinations. With stunning beaches, cool cocktails, and a variety of attractions – you are sure to enjoy every moment of your honeymoon.

Best Time to Travel to Tahiti

The weather is good most of the year, but the best time to travel to Tahiti is between May and October.

Tahiti, French Polynesia


Iceland offers an abundance of impressive natural wonders. Here, you can go mountain biking, white water rafting, horseback riding, and even whale watching. Explore the black sand beaches, soak in the hot springs, and of course don’t miss the otherworldly sight of the northern lights. Start your marriage in the land of fire and ice, surrounded by breathtaking nature!

Best Time to Travel to Iceland

June or July are a good time to go if you want to see whales. For those looking to catch the northern lights, mid-October to March has the perfect conditions. The hot springs are open all year round.

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Oualidia, Morocco

This destination is another unique way to recharge your batteries after a few busy months of wedding preparations. The sheltered beach of Oualidia offers the tranquil vibes you seek. This beautiful lagoon, located halfway along the Atlantic coast of Morocco, two hours south of Casablanca and three hours northwest, is a stunning retreat. The magical atmosphere of Morocco makes this an enchanting and memorable honeymoon option. 

Best Time to Travel to Oualidia

Oualidia is a popular summer vacation destination from late June to early September. If you want to avoid the crowds, avoid traveling in early spring or fall.

Oualidia, Morocco

The Maldives

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a mesmerizing place. This magical land is renowned for its unparalleled beauty, making it the perfect choice for couples seeking a romantic and unforgettable honeymoon experience. The island’s resorts offer a range of superb accommodation options, including luxury villas perched right above the water. Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the turquoise sea, stepping out onto your private deck, and immersing yourself in the serene beauty of the surroundings.

You can stroll hand in hand along the shoreline, or simply relax and enjoy a laid-back beach day in a secluded spot. The crystal clear turquoise waters beckon you to explore its depths, teeming with vibrant marine life. Snorkeling or diving in the Maldives is an extraordinary experience, as you encounter stunning coral reefs, colorful tropical fish, and even graceful sea turtles. 

In addition to relaxation and romance, the Maldives also offers a range of exciting attractions for adventurous couples. Embark on a sunset cruise, where you can watch breathtaking views together as the sun paints the sky in vibrant hues, or for those seeking a thrill, try out water sports like jet skiing, surfing, or kiting.

The Maldives is the ideal honeymoon choice for a couple who wants an exclusive, off-the-map, luxury vacation on a beautiful island. 

Best time to Travel to the Maldives

It’s best to visit between December and April, which is considered to be their summer. However, there’s no real bad time to visit the Maldives. The rainy season (May to September) is less busy and less expensive, but plan for lots of rain.

The Maldives

Comporta, Portugal

Located along the stunning coastline of Portugal, Comporta is a charming town that offers a perfect combination of tranquility, romance, and serenity. It is the perfect honeymoon destination, allowing you and your partner a chance to create lasting memories.

The enchanting streets and traditional architecture of Comporta invite you to stroll hand in hand, exploring the town’s charming cafes, boutique shops, and vibrant local markets. As you wander through the cobbled streets, you’ll feel a sense of magic, as if time itself slows down, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the romance of the moment.

The town is blessed with breathtaking beaches, where soft golden sands meet the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean. You can also take a boat tour to discover hidden caves, immersing yourself in the natural beauty that Comporta has to offer. The town has a variety of excellent restaurants, serving traditional Portuguese dishes and fine wines.

Best Time to Travel to Comporta

The best time to visit Comporta is during the months of March to June, while July and August are very crowded.

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Comporta, Portugal

Santorini, Greece

The Greeks know a thing or two about ambiance, and Santorini is a popular and beloved destination for honeymoons. With its beautiful, blue-domed churches, breathtaking sunsets, and picturesque villages, Santorini offers a magical combination of beauty, rich culture, and charm.

The first thing that will captivate you is the unique and dramatic landscape of the island. Santorini is actually located in a volcanic crater, resulting in incredible cliffs that plunge into the blue sea below. Get ready to get lost in the maze-like alleys, discovering charming boutiques, art galleries, and fine cafes at every turn.

Santorini is known for its amazing sunsets, and experiencing one is a must for any couple visiting the island. Find a cozy spot on a terrace, and witness the sun as it sinks below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of pink, orange, and gold. The panoramic views of the caldera and the shimmering sea create a magical and especially romantic atmosphere.

To further enhance your Santorini experience, take a romantic boat tour around the island. Sail along the coastline, dive into the crystal clear waters of the sea, or snorkel together and discover the underwater world. After a day of adventure, you can fill up on all the best food that Santorini has to offer – fresh fish, delicious cheese, and local wines. Santorini is honeymoon perfection!

Best Time to Travel to Santorini

Late April to early November is the ideal time to honeymoon in Santorini. The weather is warm and pleasant at this time of year with little rainfall.

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Santorini, Greece

Phuket, Thailand

With its exotic charm and stunning beauty, Phuket is a tropical paradise and a popular destination for many couples on their honeymoon. Offering stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and luxurious resorts, Phuket offers a perfect combination of romance, adventure, and relaxation.

The beaches of Phuket are the highlight. Whether it’s the vibrant Patong Beach, the secluded Kata Noi Beach, or any other, you can find your piece of paradise and enjoy sunbathing, swimming in the azure waters, and creating sweet memories.

Beyond the beaches, Phuket offers a wealth of experiences for a wonderful honeymoon. The lush rainforests, hidden waterfalls, and more… Go snorkeling or diving to discover the vibrant marine life and colorful coral reefs that lie beneath the surface of the Andaman Sea, go kayaking through the mangrove forests, or take an exciting hike above the treetops, immersing yourself in the natural wonders of Phuket.

When it comes to accommodation, Phuket offers a range of luxurious resorts and villas that cater to honeymooners. From romantic beachfront bungalows to luxury villas with private pools nestled among tropical gardens, there is something for everyone. Pamper yourself with rejuvenating spa treatments or indulge in candlelit dinners under the starlit skies on the beach.

In terms of attractions, you can go to the ethically-minded Phuket Elephant Sanctuary or explore the historic old town of Phuket. At night, sample famous Thai street food, and don’t forget to go and watch Thai boxing at the Patong Boxing Stadium in Sainamyen. 

Best Time to Travel to Phuket

November to February is considered the best time to visit Phuket when the days are mostly sunny and it’s not too humid.

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Phuket, Thailand

Loire Valley, France

Known as the “Garden of France”, the Loire Valley is a dreamlike honeymoon destination, offering a perfect blend of enchanting scenery, magnificent castles, and delightful cuisine. The Loire Valley is renowned for its picturesque countryside, where rolling green hills stand alongside lush vineyards and meandering rivers paint a scene straight out of a fairytale. Imagine strolling hand in hand through fields of blooming flowers, gazing across serene riverbanks, or cycling along country lanes as the gentle breeze carries the scent of lavender and fresh fruit.

At the heart of the Loire Valley are the royal chateaux, each with its own unique story and architectural charm. From the magical Château de Chambord, with its grandiose turrets and sprawling grounds, to the elegant Château de Chenonceau, gracefully spanning the Cher River, these castles transport one to an age-old era of opulence and romance.

The Loire Valley is a haven, offering a culinary experience that is sure to delight your taste buds. Here, you can savor traditional French cuisine paired with fine wines. From Michelin-starred restaurants to cozy bistros, you’ll find an abundance of places to sit back and indulge in French gourmet.

When it comes to activities, you are spoilt for choice – whether it’s a romantic hot air balloon ride or a leisurely boat cruise along the Loire River. You can also tour the grounds of stately chateaux, cycle through the countryside, have a picnic in the picturesque meadows that surround the regal Loire River, or enjoy wine tasting at local vineyards.

Best Time to Travel to the Loire Valley

The best time to visit is during May, June, or September, as July and August can get quite busy. Prices are lower during autumn, winter, and spring.

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Loire Valley, France

Final Thoughts

Wherever you choose to spend your honeymoon, we wish you an unforgettable trip! 

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