Learn How to Connect to an International Data Package

September 28, 2023

Have a fun trip coming up? I’m sure you’ve been busy packing your suitcase, making an itinerary, and dreaming the day away about your vacation. But before you fly, it’s important to consider the less exciting details too! If you do not yet have a data package and SIM card for abroad, now is the time to cross that necessity off the list. 

At eSIMple, we offer an easy solution to keep you connected no matter where you go. Curious to learn more about SIM cards abroad and our affordable data packages? Keep reading! 

How to Stay Connected While Abroad

If you’ve decided to purchase a data package abroad through your cellular company, then be prepared for very high rates. On top of that, the set-up will likely be a major headache. 

So, how can you avoid the high rates of cellular companies and the hassle of changing SIM cards in and out of your device? It’s simple! Join eSIMple in revolutionizing data packages and SIM Cards abroad. 

Offering the most convenient and affordable prices, we make it possible to not waste your travel money on calls and data abroad. By using the eSIMple service, you can enjoy access to calls, texts, and browsing in any destination you decide to visit – all at budget-friendly prices. 

A family on vacation enjoying a surfing package

Using an eSIMple SIM Card for International Travel

It’s always recommended to use a SIM card for international travel, whether your trip is for work or for pleasure. Not only does it give you the ability to stay in touch with loved ones and make emergency calls, but it also allows you to plan routes, search for restaurants and attractions, and use important apps. Having an internet connection makes every part of your trip smoother and more enjoyable. 

With our digital eSIM cards, you don’t have to stress about anything. The setup is easy, and all you have to do is download the app, pick your plan, scan a code that’s sent to your email, and voila, you have calling and browsing services abroad! In fact, as soon as you land, you’ll be connected. 

Travel Abroad with a Data Package from eSIMple

Looking to activate a SIM card abroad quickly and easily, without worrying about being charged exorbitant rates? eSIMple is the company for you. Offering digital SIM cards for international travel to 69 different countries around the globe, along with customized data packages, eSIMple’s eSIM makes it easy to stay connected. 

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