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October 3, 2023

There’s nothing like a vacation in the Netherlands. Along with the most beautiful cities in Europe, there are also remote areas where you’ll discover a completely different side of the Netherlands. Wherever you go in this stunning country, you will surely want to capture the magic of these special places and share it with all of your friends on social media. Magic that is only created when there is an available data package to use! Thanks to the eSIM from eSIMple, you can easily stay connected to loved ones while traveling through the Netherlands.

An eSIM is a virtual SIM card that saves you time, money, and lots of hassle. Removing the need for physical SIM cards, there’s no more need to worry about changing out cards every time you land in a new place. With eSIM, you’re connected to the internet as soon as you arrive. 

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Install eSIM and Stay Connected to the World

In a world where technology rules, many of us are accustomed to having the world constantly at our fingertips. Whether we want to scroll through social media, chat with friends through SMS, or send an important email, these are all things we do on a regular and daily basis. When we travel abroad, though, we lose that ease of access that we are used to. This is why buying an internet and data plan abroad is so important. 

You can purchase a plan with your current and local cell company, but keep in mind that these prices will be extremely high and offer minimal data. A better option – downloading an eSIM. These virtual SIM cards make travel a lot easier, by offering affordable data plans and fast and reliable service. 

Before traveling to the Netherlands, be sure to buy your eSIM plan, so that you can stay in touch with everyone you love for cheap rates and convenient services.  

Don’t Forget an eSIM for All of Your Travels

In the past, international calling was considered one of the most expensive services. But with the release of the eSIM, everything has changed. Now, anyone can make international calls at the most affordable and convenient prices, without having to pay exorbitant amounts. The eSIM can be installed easily through the eSIMple app, which sells international data and cellular packages. Once you enter the code that will be sent to you in an email to your phone, the SIM will be connected to your device immediately.

It is important to note that the eSIM only works with new models of Samsung and iPhone devices. Check if your device is compatible before installing. 

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A Reliable International Data Package

In today’s world, it is always a good idea to travel abroad with a solid data package. By being connected to the internet, you can easily navigate new destinations with access to train schedules, opening hours, map information, top restaurants, and more. Plus, you’ll be able to contact your loved ones whenever you want, allowing you to share each and every moment with them. 

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