eSim for Europe – A Testimonial for 2023

October 23, 2023

Ever since starting a family, I have dreamed about taking a road trip with everyone through Europe. They say that if you dream hard enough then the dream will come true, and, well, looks like they were right! We are now planning this once-in-a-lifetime trip, and I couldn’t be more excited to share this adventure with the people I love most. 

A monster trip like this requires some serious pre-trip organization. We started by planning the route, including where we would start, where we would stop and for how long, and also, where the endpoint would be. After that, we looked at options for renting a car and reserved accommodation. After all the obvious details were attended to, I realized there was one thing I had forgotten about  – an internet and data package. How could I possibly navigate through unfamiliar places and find attractions without the internet? I realized that if I wanted my trip to go smoothly, I needed a data package tailored to our needs.

I started searching, and very quickly the search turned into a lot of frustration. I mean, how could a SIM to Europe cost more than my plane ticket? The gaps between the prices of internet packages in Israel, where I’m from, and packages in Europe were extreme.

I wasn’t willing to pay these prices, so I continued the search for a data and internet package that wouldn’t break the bank. Using up all of my patience and perseverance, I finally found the answer – a digital SIM. Offering service all over the world, you can purchase flexible and affordable packages with an eSIM. The best part? As a digital SIM Card, that means there are no physical cards involved, removing the hassle of having to constantly swap them in and out. 

In my opinion, the eSim is the absolute best option for travelers looking for affordable and reliable service abroad Below, I’ll share with you everything I learned and everything you need to know about this innovative solution. 

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What is a digital SIM and how can it benefit me in Europe?

While initially searching for data packages through local companies, I was completely shocked by the high prices they were offering. That’s why I was so happy to find out about eSIMs. 

I admit, I’m not the most technological person in the world, so a digital SIM sounded a little daunting at first. But, trust me when I say that it is the most easy and simple process ever. If I can figure it out, then anyone can.

The top benefit of an eSIM is that you can have access to calls, texts, and internet browsing as soon as you land at your destination. Before your trip, simply download the eSIMple app, choose your plan, scan the emailed code, and boom, that’s it – you’re connected. So long are the days of running around the airport searching for free WIFI or a local SIM card – things are so much simpler now. 

Digital SIM cards also offer the advantage of affordable plans. Based on your individual needs and trip duration, you can pick a tailored plan at a cheap cost. 

What’s the difference between a digital SIM and a standard SIM card?

There are quite a few differences between an eSIM and a standard SIM, mainly being that one is digital and one is physical. The other difference is the extreme variation in costs. Here’s an example of price differences between a local Israeli company’s package options versus an eSIM from eSimple. 

  • Pelephone’s All-Inclusive Data Plan – This company offers 5 GB of data, 100 minutes of calls, plus 100 text messages for 199 NIS or 52 USD for 14 days if purchased online. If you close the deal through a service representative it will cost you 219 NIS or 57.26 USD.
  • eSIMple – With an eSIM from eSIMple, you can get 3GB of data, plus 100 minutes of free calls and unlimited 14-day incoming calls for 89.90 NIS or 23.50 USD. 

The plan from eSIM is a far more cost-effective option, allowing me a budget-friendly way to keep traveling with my family. 

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What happens to the eSIM when you return home from your trip to Europe?

A great thing about using an e-SIM abroad is that it always stays on my phone, even when I’m not using one of their data plans. When I return to my Israeli data package, I don’t have to say goodbye to the digital SIM, as it stays with me until the next trip. When I’m ready to head off for more travel, I just open the app and choose a new plan. 

A Data Plan Tailored to Your Needs

It was hard for me to hide my disappointment with the standard cellular companies, who offered me a limited number of plans that didn’t really support what I needed. Plus, they didn’t give me the freedom to change the plan as I saw fit. It felt like I had to pay exorbitant prices while receiving very little data in return. 

The solution offered by eSIMple was like a lifeline for me, giving me the ability to choose how much data my package would provide, how many minutes of conversation I would get, and the trip duration, all at a traveler-friendly price. And, as we all know, traveling is unpredictable, which is why it’s great that I can change the plan throughout my trip based on real-time needs. 

Planning to fly to France or anywhere else in Europe for a week?

Just go to the eSIMple site and choose the data plan you want.

eSIMple’s basic package will provide you with 1 GB of data and 100 minutes of free calls for seven days for 59.9 NIS or 15 USD. And don’t worry, you can increase your plan from anywhere, anytime.

If, like us, you are planning a three-week road trip, which will start in Italy, pass through France, and end in Spain, you can easily stay connected even while crossing borderlines. 

You’ll be happy to learn that eSIMple’s digital SIM will support you in almost any country in Europe for the same price. eSIMple’s travel plan offers 5GB of data plus 100 minutes of free calls for 21 days for an accessible price of 129 NIS or 33 USD. You can also receive incoming calls from your home country, as well as the country you’re in, at no extra charge. As always, you can increase the package if needed.

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How do you install a digital SIM?

I admit, there are things I’m really good at like navigating my way through unfamiliar countries, but there are other things that are certainly not my strong suit, and dealing with technology is one of them. 

When I went to install the SIM I was afraid of running into issues, but was pleasantly surprised to find an intuitive and easy-to-use installation system. I simply downloaded the app, purchased the data plan that suited me, and then entered the code that was emailed to me. This all took just a mere matter of minutes to set up. 

Upon landing, I activate the data plan at the touch of a button. The simplest in the world!

Why not just buy a SIM Card in Europe?

You can purchase a local SIM in almost any country in the world, but whether it is the better option is up for debate. It may surprise you, but from an economic point of view, it is generally more cost-effective to purchase a digital SIM card than a local one. 

Plus, when I land abroad, I’m always met with a mixture of excitement and stress. Being in a new and unfamiliar country, there are already quite a few things to worry about, so I’d rather not have to add the additional stress of tracking down a SIM card. 

A Few Tips to Help You Save Data Overseas

It may sound silly, but there’s truly nothing more upsetting than being stuck without the internet while traveling. So, here are some ways to help you maximize your data package:

  • Don’t forget to connect to Wi-Fi in hotels, restaurants, and cafes. This will save you a lot of data.
  • You can always purchase one mega data plan and then share it with other family members by using hotspot.
  • Only make phone calls and send text messages through WhatsApp.
  • If you like watching shows and movies on the go, download it to your phone while you’re on Wi-Fi. 
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Final Thoughts

The smartest decision I ever made was installing a digital SIM before my family trip to Europe. It doesn’t mean you have to be plugged into your phone at all times but rather gives you peace of mind to know that should you need it, you are always connected. From navigation purposes to staying in touch, having service abroad makes all the difference. 

Want to travel with the whole family and not sure which data plan to choose? We invite you to join the eSIMple family. We provide a variety of internet packages at prices that are accessible to all. 

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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