Ensuring Correct eSIM Installation on Your iPhone

Unlock the potential of hassle-free connectivity by ensuring your eSIM installation is done right. Our guide provides a straightforward process to validate the eSIM setup on your iPhone, giving you the confidence to connect wherever you roam.


To proceed with verifying the correct installation of your eSIM, you require an iPhone with an installed eSIM, and an active data connection.*

Verifying Your eSIM Installation

STEP 1: Accessing Cellular Settings

From your device settings, tap on “Cellular”

STEP 2: Checking eSIM Details

Select the eSIM that you installed

STEP 3: Confirming Data Roaming

Ensure the data roaming toggle is switched on

STEP 4: Validating Cellular Data Settings

In Settings > Cellular, verify that the cellular data is set on your eSIM line and your primary line is deactivated

Your main line typically displays your phone number, helping you identify which cellular plan to deactivate.

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