Discover the Most Romantic Itinerary for Italy

September 24, 2023

Affectionately known as the land of love, Italy is the perfect destination for a romantic vacation. Providing an unforgettable experience, a trip to Italy with a loved one will be full of once-in-a-lifetime memories. A trip to Italy gives couples the chance to experience a diverse and exciting time, with plenty of options to relax, explore, and of course, eat and drink! In the following guide – I’ll go over the top destinations in Italy for a couple with route ideas, too. Let’s dive in!

Vacation in Italy

Romantic Destinations for a Couple to Vacation in Italy

Verona – Just like Romeo and Juliet

Verona is one of the most romantic places in Italy for good reason. As the birthplace of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, it’s visited annually by thousands of lovers looking to catch a glimpse of the medieval building, “Casa di Giulietta” (Giulietta’s House), located on Via Cappello 23. Here, you can see Juliet’s balcony and her beautiful bronze statue. Visitors come from around the world to put their hands on her heart and wish for eternal love.

If you’re really daring, you can even get married in Casa di Giulietta – talk about romance! 

Not far away, in Via delle Arche Scaligere, there is also Casa di Romeo or Romeo’s house.

As it is a private house, you can unfortunately not go inside this one, but you can walk from Juliet’s house to Romeo’s house, hand in hand with your loved one.

Near Casa di Romeo there is Osteria al Duca, a very nice restaurant with delicious local food. You have to try the polenta!

Another thing you should add to your romantic Italian vacation is the place locals recognize as Juliet’s tomb. It is located in a former convent just outside the walls of Verona, on Via Pontiere 35.

If you are visiting Verona, be sure to also check out the events at the breathtaking Arena di Verona – whether it’s an opera, concert, or ballet, anything they put on will be a perfect addition to your romantic vacation.

Venice – Gondolas and Amazing Sunsets

Venice is one of the most idyllic Italian cities and a must-add to your itinerary to Italy. Nicknamed, La Serenissima, Venice is very popular, and although it may sound a bit cliché, I swear everything you’ve heard about this place is true. 

When people think of a romantic place to travel, the first thing that should come to mind is Venice – and maybe even a traditional gondola ride while you’re there. If you’re looking to surprise your loved one, you should definitely add a gondola ride to your itinerary. 

Walking hand in hand while exploring Venice’s alleys is another wonderful way to explore this world-famous city. A maze of medieval alleys and canals makes the perfect setting to get blissfully lost together.

If you exit St. Mark’s Square, you will reach the Cannaregio area. This zone is usually not crowded with tourists, giving you a pleasant reprieve. As you stroll through the narrow streets, it’s worth exploring the ghetto, one of the most colorful parts of Venice today with lots of cute cafes and pretty restaurants.

Another interesting area is Dorsoduro, located in the southern part of Venice. With the vibe of a fairytale village, Dorsoduro takes you far away from the fuss of the touristy side of the city. This area is also full of fun bars where you can have an Italian drink and try different cocktails.


Florence – Art, Culture, and Good Wine

Famous for art and good food, Florence is another of the world’s favorite places in Italy. Plus, it’s easy to get to if you use high-speed trains (try Italo or Trenitalia). You can come to Florence to spend a romantic weekend with your partner to eat, drink a glass of Chianti, and just enjoy your vacation. It also makes a great honeymoon spot! 

A culinary trip to Florence is one way to enjoy this town, devoting time to simply eating all of the delicious food. And, whether you’re celebrating something or not, consider treating yourself to a glass or two of Chianti wine. An alternative would be to plan some day trips from Florence, to explore Tuscany and its beautiful villages. Trains and buses are easy to get around, but remember that you will be doing plenty of walking – comfortable shoes are a must!

What if you’ve never been to Florence before?

Since there is so much to see, I would recommend taking trips out of Florence only if you have four or more days there. Take the time to visit museums, explore the antique shops (Italian “botteghe”), and walk hand in hand in Ponte Vecchio.

Florence is one of the most romantic cities in Italy, so it deserves plenty of love, attention, and time! Be sure not to overload your route or itinerary, otherwise, you’ll have to run from point A to point B instead of just having fun with your partner and savoring each moment. 

Florence is one of the most beloved places in Italy, meaning that it is always bustling with activity. Even on the coldest winter day, you will likely find a lot of people trying to take Instagram-worthy photos. So what does this mean for you? First, understand that this is just a part of it and be prepared, so you don’t feel disappointed by the crowds. 

Second, plan. For instance, tourists from all over the world stand in line for hours to enter the Uffizi Gallery, wasting precious time that they could otherwise spend. If you plan to visit the world-famous museum, be sure to buy tickets online in advance. 

Another tip – wake up extra early and make your way to the nearest café for an espresso and a buttery croissant. Enjoy your breakfast while walking along the Arno River with your partner, as early mornings tend to be very quiet and peaceful.

Once you’re done, go to the Uffizi Gallery. The visit will take most of the day, and usually just waiting in line takes at least an hour. In the afternoon or evening, go souvenir shopping, then find a local Italian restaurant and eat to your heart’s content.


Bologna – The Home of Bolognese

Bologna is a perfect retreat for foody couples who want to spend their time walking hand in hand and tasting authentic Italian dishes.

One of the highlights of the city is the “Asinelli Tower”, also known as Torre degli Asinelli. From the balcony, you can take breathtaking pictures of Bologna and if the sky is clear enough you might even see the sea. Keep in mind – the road up is long. But, hey, it makes a great opportunity to work off all that pizza and pasta you’ll be eating! 

Although it’s a city built on water, just like Venice, you can’t see many canals in Bologna. The most beautiful and romantic can be seen from Via Piella.

The Canal della Moulin was in use for centuries, because of the watermills in the area. In the evening Bologna becomes particularly stunning, making it a beautiful setting to walk with your loved one under the arcades of Bologna. They cover every point of the city and are about 40 km long!

All of the delicious food found in Bologna is one of the biggest draws to this place, from handmade pasta to tortellini and legendary bolognese. You also can’t forget to try the mortadella which is one of the most famous meats in Italy after prosciutto. Mortadella is a large sausage that also serves as a filling for tortellini and other pasta.


Capri – The Most Popular Place for Marriage Proposals in Italy

Capri is one of my favorite places in Italy. Situated on the border of Naples, it’s a perfect destination for romantic weekends. So romantic in fact, that it’s famous for being an ideal spot for marriage proposals. Honeymooning in Capri is also very popular and people from all over the world come especially for this purpose. Chances are high that you’ll see a lot of lovers there.

Punta Tragara Belvedere and Punta Cannone Belvedere are two of my top recommendations while visiting Capri. 

Another great part of spending time in Capri is that at sunset or early evening, the throngs of tourists will return to Naples or the Amalfi Coast, so the place will be completely yours.


Lake Como – Hollywood Stars and Scenery

Many Italians associate Lake Como with George Clooney. Stories about his beautiful villa, exclusive parties with V.I.P. Friends, and talks about how he hangs out like a local in Italy, draw plenty of tourists to Lake Como simply to catch a glimpse of the star. However, this beautiful place has so much more than just this to offer. Offering stunning scenery and impressive architecture, Lake Como should be added to every Italy trip itinerary.

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