Cruises to Colombia From Florida: Tips for Modern Travel

November 28, 2023

As a gateway to some of the world’s most sought-after cruise destinations, Florida is the perfect starting point for your cruise to vibrant Colombia. Having had the great pleasure of cruising around the world, the trip from Florida to Colombia is a standout in my mind. So, with Colombia’s captivating coastlines on the horizon, let’s set sail. 

Florida’s Top Departure Ports

With your sights set on Colombia, there are a few port cities to consider taking off from in Florida: 

Port_Canaveral cruise

As I cruised to Colombia, Esimple’s mobile eSIM plan was my connection back home. I didn’t suffer from lost of internet connection and I didn’t need to rely on the ships wifi during my trip. Get an eSIM before your cruise to experience seamless connectivity for yourself.

Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades): This port is a favorite among cruise enthusiasts. Its proximity to many dining and entertainment options in Fort Lauderdale makes it an ideal location to start your cruise journey. 

Miami, Florida: Often dubbed the “Cruise Capital of the World,” Miami’s port is bustling with energy. The city’s vibrant culture, combined with the state-of-the-art facilities at the port, makes it a top choice for many. Plus, for those keen on drone photography like me, capturing Miami’s skyline as your ship sets sail is an unbeatable experience.

Port Canaveral: Located near the Space Coast, this port offers a unique blend of space-age wonders and cruising marvels. Being closer to tech hubs and research facilities, I’ve used this port as a starting point for themed cruises, especially those that include seminars or workshops on board.

Tampa, Florida: A more laid-back option compared to its counterparts, Tampa offers a serene start to your journey. The bay’s calm waters set the tone for a relaxing cruise experience.

Comparing the Ports

When planning my next cruise, I always weigh the pros and cons of the possible departure ports. For instance, while Miami offers a lively atmosphere, Port Canaveral resonates more with my interests. 

Often, I’ll even optimize my travel plans based on current events, tech conferences, or photography exhibitions happening around the departure ports. This dual-focused approach ensures I cover both my adventure interests and my passion for photography, all before even boarding the cruise.

Exploring Florida’s Alluring Departure Ports: My Journey Starts

To me, Florida’s coastline feels like an old friend, one that knows how to comfort my travel anxieties while amplifying the joys of anticipation. Each time I stand on its shores, looking out at the vast ocean, I can’t help but consider, “What stories will this trip bring?”

Fort Lauderdale, also known as Port Everglades, is particularly near and dear to me, as this is the port I have most frequented. There’s a familiarity in its air, perhaps from the countless times I’ve begun my adventures here. With every visit, I find myself reminiscing about past journeys, even as I eagerly look forward to new horizons. The bustling ambiance, with travelers buzzing with excitement and the array of dining options, sets the tone for a promising journey.

The Modern Cruise Experience

The open ocean is vast and full of mysteries. But on board these modern cruise ships, a kind of magic unfolds – where the age-old allure of the seas meets the marvels of the digital age. And as a traveler who’s both an old soul and a tech enthusiast, this blend resonates deeply with me. 

Here are my favorite cruise lines, raising the bar for modern conveniences:

Azamara Carnival and Carnival Cruise Line: Reminiscent of bustling conventions on water, their high-speed internet is a godsend for someone like me who constantly shares updates with an online community. Plus, I can stay easily connected to the outside world for events and workshops. In fact, I recall one evening, under a canopy of stars, I was able to attend a virtual workshop on board. It was surreal – experiencing faraway lands while anchored in the middle of the Caribbean!

Celebrity Cruises: This line is a masterclass in luxury. My time with them was dotted with awe at their tech offerings. Did you know they have an app that can virtually transport you to the ship’s various decks? I discovered this while trying to find the best spot to capture a sunrise.

Arrival to Cartagena and its Surprisingly Tech-y Charm

After navigating through the Caribbean, the arrival to Colombia feels like pulling into a fairytale. From sun-kissed beaches to the whispering tales of colonial architecture, every corner of this country is striking. But, what surprised me most of all, was how Cartagena manages to seamlessly blend the with the new. The technological advancements here made the experience even more fulfilling. 

Cartagena’s Colonial Wonders and Modern Marvels

Cartagena, Colombia street view

Cartagena, with its UNESCO-tagged colonial architecture, is a living museum. As I wandered through its cobbled streets, the Castillo de San Felipe and the San Felipe de Barajas fort stood as sentinels of history. Yet, amidst these ancient structures, the city’s embrace of technology is evident. QR-coded tour guides, augmented reality (AR) historical insights, and Wi-Fi-enabled public spaces make exploring this old city a delight.

The eSIM Saves the Day in Cartagena’s Labyrinths:

Amidst the enchanting backdrop of age-old structures in Cartagena, my eSIM emerged as the unsung hero of my travel experience, seamlessly fitting into my Cartagena itinerary. With this digital SIM card in my device, I found myself effortlessly navigating the charming streets, translating essential Spanish phrases, and seeking out the city’s top restaurants. Beyond the practical benefits, my eSIM allowed me to share each unique experience with loved ones and my community back home, bridging the gap between the ancient charm of Cartagena and the modern world.

A Remote Worker’s Dream

The Caribbean Coast , boasting serene white sand beaches, also seems to be a great place for digital nomads to settle in. Beachside Wi-Fi cafes, solar-powered charging stations, and even tailored workshops amidst the palm groves, all set the new standard for “working with a view”. It’s a new-age traveler’s paradise.

Colombia’s coastal charm is an intricate dance of the old and new. And as a traveler, this dance reminds us that while we cherish the past, there’s immense joy in embracing the present.

Capturing Moments in Colombia: The Photographer’s Toolkit 

The vast ocean, with its ever-changing moods, offers countless moments worth capturing. As a photographer, I’ve often found that while nature provides the canvas, technology gifts us the tools to paint our perceptions. This intertwining of art and tech has helped me capture memories in their most authentic essence.

Digital Diaries From Sunrises to Starlit Skies

cruise to colombia pics

Onboard these modern cruises, one is never short of breathtaking views. But what truly enhances this visual journey is access to high-quality gear. From high-dynamic-range (HDR) modes that perfectly capture the gradients of a sunrise to long-exposure settings that reveal the mysteries of a starlit night, today’s cameras ensure every frame tells a story.

I remember a dawn in Cartagena when the sky painted hues I’d never seen before. With my trusty camera and its advanced settings, I managed to capture that ephemeral moment, freezing a memory that would’ve otherwise faded with the rising sun.

Cruise lines, in their bid to offer holistic experiences, often host workshops that are a boon for enthusiasts. During my journey with Celebrity Cruises, I chanced upon a workshop that delved deep into drone photography. This was a revelation! The possibility of capturing landscapes from vantage points that were once inaccessible added a new dimension to my photographic endeavors.

The Digital DarkroomThe art of photography doesn’t end with clicking the shutter. Post-processing is where the magic truly unfolds. With powerful editing software available even on our smartphones, tweaking colors, enhancing shadows, or even creating composite images has become a breeze. As I sailed through the Caribbean Coast, countless moments found their way to my digital darkroom, transforming from mere photos to evocative narratives.

Reflections and Revelations

As the cruise ship cuts through the waters, leaving behind a trail that merges with the horizon, I often find myself lost in introspection. Each journey, be it the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean Coast or the decks of modern ships, leaves imprints on the soul.

The Timeless and the Time-Bound

Travel, in its essence, is a timeless pursuit. The joy of discovering new landscapes, the thrill of immersing oneself in different cultures, or the serenity of a sunset viewed from a ship’s deck – these feelings are universal, unchanged by the sands of time. Yet, as I reminisce about my eSIM saving the day in Cartagena or marvel at the workshops onboard, it’s evident that technology has intertwined with these age-old experiences, enhancing and not overshadowing them.

The Balance of Being Present

In this digital age, there’s an inherent struggle between capturing moments and truly living them. While gadgets offer tools to document memories, it’s essential to find a balance. On one hand, I remember the elation of capturing Cartagena’s dawn with my camera. On the other, I recall moments where I simply sat on the deck, letting the ocean’s vastness engulf my being, with no digital screens as intermediaries.

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