Cruise to South Korea From Australia: A Guide for Modern Australian Travel

February 22, 2024

As my plane touched down at Incheon International Airport after the 8-hour flight from Sydney, I felt a wave of relief wash over me. Instead of facing inconvenient queues to buy a SIM card or hunting for scarce WiFi networks, I simply turned on my iPhone to instant 4G access thanks to my eSIMple eSIM. I easily booked an airport taxi transfer in the Arrivals Hall and enjoyed seamless connectivity in transit to my hotel. 

This was my first time visiting South Korea, and I wanted to be prepared. As an avid cruiser booking my next adventure across Asia, I had heard rave reviews about taking a cruise from Australia to South Korea and Japan. Beyond the bliss of cherry blossom season, I yearned for modern conveniences to ease my travels. That’s when I discovered eSIM technology and how it could enhance my overseas cruise.

Booking My South Korea Cruise from Australia  

Unlike many Australians, a cruise from Sydney directly to South Korea actually wasn’t my first choice. I initially dreamed of a grand Asian adventure across multiple countries over 2 weeks. Yet the more I researched multi-destination packages, the more I became convinced that a South Korea and Japan cruise was the smartest option.

I decided to book the 15-Day Celebrity Cruises cherry blossom voyage, with flights included. This journey not only offered unique ports-of-call, but also tremendous value. I would discover lesser-seen parts of South Korea and Japan without constantly packing my suitcase. 

The cruise began in the port city of Busan, South Korea’s second most populous city. From there, it sailed along the Japanese coast with stops at hidden gems like Sakaiminato, Kanazawa, and concluding in Tokyo. With return flights bundled into the cruise fare, logistics were a breeze.

Travel Essentials – eSIMple eSIM Set Up

I pride myself on being an organized and informed traveler. While reviewing the cruise details and itinerary prior to departure, I started investigating solutions for seamless connectivity abroad. As an avid Instagrammer, I certainly didn’t want to lose access to social media! 

I stumbled upon information about eSIM technology which allows you to access data plans remotely on your smartphone. After comparing providers, I selected eSIMple for South Korea coverage based on their affordable prices and ease of use.

The entire process took about 5 minutes through the eSIMple app. I simply purchased my eSIM data plan matched to my trip duration and then installed it by following the straightforward prompts. I properly configured the APN settings which was key for successfully connecting abroad. 

After completing the eSIMple eSIM setup, I felt confident that google maps, travel guides, and basic internet would be at my fingertips once I landed in South Korea. No more fussing with physical SIM cards!

Boarding the Cruise in Busan, South Korea   

Thanks to my eSIM keeping me connected during airport transfers and hotel stays, I absolutely loved exploring the port city of Busan before the cruise departed. With the help of pocket wifi, I navigated the bustling metro system to key hotspots like Gwangalli Beach in under 30 minutes.

Using data at my leisure, I uncovered the top-rated restaurants serving savory homemade tofu soup in out-of-the-way spots that tourists rarely venture to. As for the renowned Haeundae Beach, I happened upon a bonus festival with vibrant cultural dances and craft vendors lining the shore.

After my fill of Korean street food and festivities, I rolled my suitcase down to the Busan Cruise Terminal. The check-in process with Celebrity Cruises couldn’t have been smoother. As I stepped onto the sparkling ship, I glanced back on the Busan skyline feeling grateful for the hidden treasures discovered thanks to consistent data access. Now to set sail for Japan under the radiant cherry blossoms!

Cruising to Japan’s Scenic Destinations

I awoke on my first morning aboard the cruise ship docked at the port of Sakaiminato, excited to explore inland and discover the real Japan. This smaller port allowed us easy access to the seaside town of Yonago as well as majestic Mount Daisen.

While other tourists crowded into packed tour buses, I relished the freedom to chart my own adventure. Renting an e-bike, I cycled through quaint local neighborhoods guided by Google Maps on my eSIM data. At the base of Mount Daisen, I hiked through cedar forests brushed with delicate pink cherry blossoms to a breathtaking waterfall. 

Later in the voyage, the cruise docked at the port of Kanazawa where I escaped again on a bike to immerse myself in the sprawling Kenrokuen Garden. As the sun set, I pedaled by the geisha district and felt transported back in time thanks to the well-preserved architecture.  

From the snow dusted parks of Matsue to the towering pagoda temples of Fuchu, having unlimited access to data and navigation truly allowed me to create one-of-a-kind experiences during our ports in Japan.

Disembarkation in Tokyo  

After 8 blissful days cruising the Japanese coast sprinkled with pink petals, we pulled into port at Tokyo’s Oi Cruise Terminal. As our home for over a week, I will certainly miss the convenience and comforts of the luxury cruise ship. 

Yet I am equally excited to explore one of the world’s most futuristic cities as our grand finale. Despite the overwhelming size and scale of Tokyo, my eSIM data has helped me expertly navigate the metro and transit systems to efficiently visit the top attractions like Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Skytree and Shibuya Crossing.

Because I have grown so accustomed to unlimited data through my eSIMple eSIM, I decided to purchase a supplemental data plan for heavier use while touring Tokyo the last couple days. Video calls, live streams and uploading content in Tokyo has continued without a hitch!

Reflections on My South Korea Cruise from Australia  

As I sit aboard my flight back to Sydney, watching the Japanese coastline fade into the clouds below, I can’t help but reflect on the immense joy brought by this journey across South Korea and Japan. Deciding to book a cruise ended up being the perfect way to discover Asia.

Unlike attempting to squeeze 6 different destinations into 2 weeks, I delighted in fully immersing myself into these two fascinating countries without constantly living out of a suitcase. Thanks to extended time docked at ports and overnight stays on land, I uncovered hidden gems not featured in guidebooks. 

Yet I know this trip wouldn’t have been the same without my eSIM keeping me connected. Unlocking data access abroad provided me true freedom as an independent traveler. I could spontaneously change plans based on local advice and venture beyond crowded tourist traps. Google Maps guidance allowed me to traverse sprawling cities with ease. And I loved sharing my adventures in real time with friends and family back home. 

As I start dreaming about my next grand voyage, I know I’ll be turning to my trusty eSIMple eSIM again. The simplicity of setting it up remotely and the flexibility it provides upon arrival cannot be understated. I can’t wait to continue embracing smart technology that removes limitations and opens up a world of possibilities!

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